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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Good Week

This was a great week. The babies saw their pulmonologist for a post-hospital checkup. He agreed that they're doing great. He sympathized with the hassle of making them wear their bi-pap machines at night, and just told me to do the best we could with it, and not to worry right now if they are only on their machines for a few hours per night. I told the doc as soon as they're old enough to be reasoned with (aka "bribed"), we'd try to go all night. But their lungs sound great again, and hopefully we don't see the inside of a hospital again for a long time.

Jenna had a great week, as usual. The sophisticated vocabulary that continues to tumble out of her mouth amaze us, as usual. Kindergarten registration is in ten days--yeeps!

I finally saw Twilight at the theater this week--score! It sort of sucked--bummer. I will wait for the extras on DVD next month and hopefully time passes quickly between now and then. I can't wait to see it again and hopefully I'll like it better the second time around.

I got a new iPod. Most of my songs won't transfer over from my old iPod and my new iPod. I've always had problems with music files that I obtained from old fashioned music CD's, but now most of the songs that I've purchased on my old iPod won't transfer over, either. Apple says I can only download them once, so there's no help there. Wah! All that money wasted! Off to the library to check out dozens more individual CD's to rip one little song off of each one. I love iTunes, but I refuse to give them extra money for the songs that another Apple product won't recognize now. Grrrr.


  1. I bought Chad an Ipod for his birthday (june) and a nano to run with for an anniversary (aug). September 1 was the new reveal of the larger, cheaper IPODS. I shake my fist at Steve Jobs!!!
    Get podcasts, they are free and they have everything you could ever listen or watch.

  2. So glad to hear the babies are doing well. "Behavioral motivation" is what we call bribes in our house. Hey, if they didn't "bribe" us with pay, would any of us work? ;)

    Sorry to hear about Twilight the movie. I've yet to read the book yet...really into Captain Underpants right now. ;)

    Take care, and thanks for the update. :)

  3. So great about their lungs sounding better. Those poor kids were really having a hard time for a while.

    Well you know I've been waiting with baited breath for your review on Twilight. Now I don't feel like I'm missing out :). I can hold off until I see it on dvd that's for sure.

  4. That's great news their lungs are sounding great! I can't believe Jenna is going to be in kindergarten soon. sheesh. That's a real bummer about the ipod. I still have the ancient ipod mini but have transfered back and forth a lot with my music (work computer and home). I haven't had a problem yet but when we upgrade I'm sure I will. I wish I had my own personal tech support team.