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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good things that happened this week

1. Local vendor Valley Respiratory Services came by to meet the babies and give them thousands of dollars of breathing equipment donated by manufacturer Respironics. And the babies will be featured with Respironics in an industry publication later this year. I can't express how speechless we are at this act of generosity without maintaining my speechlessness, so suffice it to say that we were flabbergasted at the gesture and are deeply thankful to them. This equipment is for use at home after the babies are discharged, and they wouldn't be discharged without it. Thank you, Valley Respiratory and Respironics!

2. The twins' applications for Medicaid were just approved, and retroactive to February 1! We were estimating that this hospital stay was going to cost us about $10k out of pocket after our insurance is billed, so having Medicaid for them and retroactivating it is just amazing to us. We are thrilled. Thank the heavens for small miracles!

3. So many people donate their time and money to the patients at the hospital here. Some of it brings tears to my eyes. Today on our breakfast trays, there was a cute, handmade Valentine's Day placemat instead of a the usual white paper liner. It was made by a girl from a local school, with stickers and doilies and it's adorable and festive. Another school donated handmade Valentine's Day window clings, which are very cute decorations for the room. The Phoenix Coyotes have been by (but not allowed in the room since we're "contagious"). And everyday, I get coffee from the Kohl's Cares For Kids coffee cart, for free. It's just little things, but they're nice touches to take the edge of sometimes.


  1. That is so awesome! I'm sure that is such a relief for you and Chris, like a weight off your shoulders. I was so impressed with PCH when we were there in the NICU, I still have all the stuffed animals and clothes that the volunteers would bring by daily for us. And I loved the coffee/hot chocolate cart too. It's those little things that make a world of difference. I hope you guys are home soon.

  2. Wow. It always does amaze how the generosity of strangers SO shines in moments like those you're enduring now.

    Wishing all well -- and soon...Happy Valentine's Day, Cass.