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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Them Bones--A Video

And without further ado, here are the twins, showing off their knowledge of their body parts. There are a few more parts of their skeletons that I know they know, but they sometimes get a little iffy about cooperating and I didn't want to feel stupid on camera begging them to point to their craniums when I was fairly sure they would just stare at me blankly instead of showing off their smarts. Anyway, enjoy!

Long time, no blog

I've been made aware that I haven't blogged in a while. There isn't much going on here, which is great news. Uneventfulness is what we strive for in this house. However, I understand that eventually even updates on mundane topics might be appreciated by friends and family, so here goes.

Since my last blog, Kyle's speech is improving. He begins speech therapy next week, so we hope to see even more progress from him soon. I'm sure if I could get back into the habit of exclaiming four letter words, he'd pick up on those right away. But, "hi" or "grandma" will probably have to wait until he turns five. (Just kidding, I hope.)

Jenna is allowed to watch Hannah Montana again. She was allowed to watch the show last year, but when she got too mouthy and sassy due to watching it, the show was forbidden in this house. Alas, it is getting hotter outside and we're getting weary of Caillou and Dora, thus Hannah Montana is being allowed again on a trial basis. I hope we can continue letting her watch it, because heaven help us all if Nick Jr is my only viable option for turning on during their TV time.
Chris has accepted a job with Abbott Labs. Woot woot! Congrats, Chris! And thank you, Abbott!

We went to the zoo this week. It was so hot, and it wasn't even "that hot" yet! Kyle remains steadfast in his assertion that a snake goes, "neigh!", so we'll have to spend a little more time in the snake house on our next visit to really convince him otherwise. Here are some pics:

We've had the season's first dip in the pool, too. The babies LOVE the swimming pool. We're looking into getting them some "aquatic head floats" so that they can experience floating on their own. Here's what it is:

We've also found a special swing for the babies to use with our Rainbow playset in the backyard. The Little Tikes infant cradle swing which we have right now works okay, but when they outgrow it, they'll continue to need a swing with the same amount of support. Enter the Jennswing! We'll have to start saving our pennies soon, though, since it costs a whopping $500: But we're thrilled that such a thing exists, and we're in no hurry to get it yet. Maybe Santa will leave it for them this year....

Jenna's end-of-year preschool program will be held at the school on May 15th, at 6:15pm. Be there or be square--an uncaring, heartless byotch. :)

My Amazon wish list, and the kids' lists, are all updated, should anyone need to buy anyone anything in the upcoming months. I reserve the right to continue revising them. And if anyone wonders why there are no books on my list, it's because I've discovered this thing called a "public library" which allows me to use their website to put books on hold, and they email me when the on-hold items are ready for me to pick up, so I am in and out in five minutes. We're at the library once a week for kiddie storytime anyway, so it all works out. I get to read all that I want to, and put what I would have spent on all these books back into the budget! A novel concept, I know.

Speaking of books, I just finished some good ones. I added "my virtual library" as a widget there on the right hand side, and while that only contains limited amounts of books, I think you can click through to weRead to see more. As if the world cares what I read. But just in case, that's how you can find out! I just finished a couple Laurie Notaro books, during which I laughed my arse off, as usual.

Lastly, my knee. Oh my holy heavens, this knee pain is driving me nuts. I have an offset patella, which causes the kneecap to rub the wrong spots on my other bones. I never even knew I had this problem until last year, when it hurt so bad I could hardly get myself up off the floor after playing with the twins. After some x-rays and a well-placed injection of cortizone, everything was all better--Until a couple days ago, when the pain came back and it's worse. I'm trying to rest it and elevate it (it's a swollen and sad looking), but in the meantime I'm digging through our medicine cabinets and first aid kits praying to find some old painkillers, the good stuff they send you home with after c-sections and vasectomies. Even if they're expired, they can't make me feel any worse than this knee does. Good golly, it takes my breath away it hurts so bad. Chris fed the babies cookies for lunch today, but it was a tradeoff I was willing to make because my knee hurt too much to stand up and make them a "proper" meal myself (for a one year old, a "proper" meal is more along the lines of goldfish crackers, string cheese, and some strawberries. If we're lucky. One year olds are so picky!). Anyway, here's hoping the knee gets better soon. Or that the orthopedic surgeon's office puts cortizone on sale--that'd be nice, too.

I had a cute video to post here, too, but it's been "uploading" to Blogspot for the last twelve hours. I'm going to assume that Blogspot is having issues. Check back later today for a new post containing the video. Thanks for reading!