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Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Costume Brainstorming

For Halloween this year, the six year old wants to be a vampiress.

Three year old girl wants to be Snow White. Three year old boy claims he wants to be a pig (?).

My challenge to you, blogosphere, is to help me come up with ways to incorporate the three year olds' wheelchairs into their costumes. I'm not sure what we can do with them for Snow White and a pig, so throw out for our consideration even better original costume ideas which can incorporate their chairs.

My pal Lorraine set the bar high last year with this masterpiece for her daughter, Zoe. See what I mean?

The gauntlet's been thrown! Brainstorm away!


  1. Hey, that pirate ship is a great idea!

    We're just doing an Imagination Movers costume...easy and I don't have to worry about the chair. Maybe a car from Cars or a Barbie in a Barbiemobile? Or Batman in the Batmobile!

  2. That's awesome... and ENORMOUS!!!!

    Well for your piggy... how about just getting some garden fencing and creating a pen around him? With a brown blanket for 'mud'...

    Snow White.... hmmmm the diamond mine? Or you could do something kinda like this stroller-costume with a castle?

  3. I love it. You can create a Three Little Pigs theme for Kyle. The chair can become a house - straw, brick, you decide with his little piggy sticking out the window. Not sure how to do this... lots of paper mache.

    And for Snow White... I love the castle idea. Or you could somehow have all her animal and dwarf friends around her.

  4. Today it hit me--I need to convince him to be Thomas the Tank Engine, and then his chair can be outfitted similar to Zoe's above with a cardboard Thomas train 'costume', and he can be the conductor! Brilliant, right? Now who wants to make the train part?

  5. The thomas the tank engine play hut could somehow be converted: just google thomas tank engine play hut and you will find tons of images of it. My nephew has one. But the rest would up to clever imagination! lol

    Some of the suggestions in the other comments sound awesome tho! I don't have any ideas of my own to offer at the moment.. lol

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