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Friday, September 3, 2010

Buying in Bulk From Apple?

The twins have limited fine motor skills, so when it comes to holding a pencil or pressing buttons they tend to struggle a little. They have played with the iPhone a little--we don't have iPhones, but we know people who do. Some very patient people who allow clumsy three-year-olds to play with their very expensive electronic gadgets.

I am sold on the iPod touch. I want both twins to have them. And of course Big Sister would need one of her own, too, because heaven forbid my children have to share anything. Plus, this week I also got to play with an iPad, and in an ideal world all my kids would have one.

This technology... just, wow. Does Apple even realize the world they have opened up for people with disabilities? There is no chance that the twins could manage a regular keyboard and computer, so the iPad just, well, it blows my mind. It's incredibly cool--and fragile. Hello, Apple? You listening? Could you make a kid-proof iPad that can be repeatedly dropped without breaking? Thanks.

I want them to have cool "toys". I want to stimulate their minds. I want them to learn stuff. I want them to be comfortable with computers. I cannot even begin to put a price on the value of these Apple products. But Apple sure did, eh? Can you imagine the cost of three iPod touches and three iPads (to help you imagine, I calculated--$2,184. Plus tax.)? I don't blame them for their price points, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the expense. Other kids spend their time walking and running and getting into everything and satisfying their curiosities every minute by exploring the world around them--my kids are stuck in their chairs and can only play with lightweight toys with simple/easy buttons. Plus, their big wheelchairs combined with their short arms means that they can't reach out to grab things very well. Anyway, all I'm saying is that Apple's technology is incredibly innovative and so useful to people in the disabled community and I can't wait for my kids to benefit from it. And if I buy all this stuff at once, any chance that I could get a discount?

On a side note, as I drafted this blog I was unsure how to pluralize "iTouch" and so I asked Twitter. The Twitter community came through for me and made me laugh so hard that I'm still crying a little. It turns out that what I mistakenly thought was an iTouch is actually an "iPod touch® mobile digital device(s)". And now you know, too.


  1. Blech, I wish they would offer a discount to special needs parents...I so want to get an iPad for Dakin, but I just. can't. afford. it. Argh!!

  2. maybe like the Wheat thins ads, apple will come thru.