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Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween '11 was sort of awesome.  It was filled with tricks (check out the costumes our friend made for our wheelchairs) and treats (check out the cavities the kids have from all the candy two months from now).

I initially wrote about our Halloween costume selection process here and here, so I won't repeat the stories.  But I do have additional photos--yay!  Here you go.

Here the kids are with my friend Kelly's girls--Super Girl and Bat Girl! That's a lot of estrogen for Han Solo there to navigate his way through.

Here's a good look at Lauren's beehive--our friend Marie made this for her! She also made Kyle's Millennium Falcon! Marie is good people.  You can gaze adoringly at Marie's gorgeous smile--and read about her life with lupus--here.  Many thanks to Marie, who I hereby appoint chair of the Committee to Develop Wheelchair Costumes for Halloween 2012.


  1. Lauren's costume is incredible and perfect for the happiest bee on the planet :)


  2. Love these photos of Lauren - fantastic pics,
    Hope you don't mind I linked one into my new website.
    Thanks :-)