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Monday, February 9, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Today was more of the same.

Lauren is stable, but not getting better. She spends her days and nights wearing her bipap mask (I should post photos of her in that) while watching Dora or Cinderella or Ratatouille on the hospital TV feed. She's limited to her bed because she's tethered to an IV pole and her bipap machine, and she gets breathing treatments (CPT, Cough Assist, deep suction) every three hours day and night.

Kyle is doing better than Lauren. He showed his symptoms several days after Lauren did, but he's still nowhere near as bad as Lauren was at this point. He still spikes a fever a couple times per day, and he desats in his sleep, so he is to wear an O2 mask when he goes to sleep. See a few posts below to learn his opinion of the O2 mask. He has no IV or bipap, just a pulse oximeter, so he's more free than Lauren and we can pick him to see out the window and stuff.

Chris pressed the pulmonolgist for an expected time frame until discharge. Just to give us something to plan for, rather than literally planning no further than the next day. The pulmo says he expects Lauren to be here for two more weeks, unless she rapidly improves, which doesn't appear likely. I'm bummed, but am glad he set our expectations.

I went home today to hang out with Jenna, do some laundry, pop some Valentine's Day cards into the mail, and shop for some essentials at Target. Jenna got anything she asked for at Target. I can't bear to tell her that she can't have a $4 tiara when she's being such a good girl for my parents, and not giving anyone any grief over being separated from her whole family for days and days. She is also the proud owner of a candy stick with button-operated pinwheel on top. Like I said, I just can't say no.

I wish there was some decent eateries around here. Chris and I found ourselves choosing between Tony's Pizza and Philthy Phil's. When we googled Tony's Pizza in hopes of finding a menu, we learned that they were recently busted by a health inspector for dealing marijuana out of their store fridge. Awesome. And Philthy Phil's might have been an option, but it was next door to Amigo's Pawn Shop and I just wasn't willing to unlock the car door. So it's hospital cafeteria food again. Yippee.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. More to come tomorrow.


  1. You're doing so great!! All my healing thoughts. Wish I had a restaurant suggestion for you; that sounds really bleak....

  2. oh honey. I'm exausted for you. Maybe the pot really wouldn't have mattered at this point? ;-) You know, if Michael Phelps can do it.....

  3. I'm glad that you at least have a time frame to get those poor babies home.

    At this point, I would NEED to relax with some wine...or At least Tony's could have supplied the pizza for your munchies.