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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Days

What a great start to the day. Lauren has been off of oxygen all day yesterday and last night and is satting still at 99-100%. Kyle is down to 2.5L of O2, but only while he sleeps. He breaths room air all day while he’s awake. Lauren is off the IV, and Kyle’s is turned down to the bare minimum, so today will hopefully be a great day for eating and drinking around here. Now that the O2 situation is practically a non-issue, we just have to show that they have appetites and can keep themselves hydrated and then we can go home!

There are rumblings of discharging Lauren today. Kyle may be a day or two behind. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


  1. That's awesome! I'll pray they both go home soon, and hopefully together. I was wondering if they were sharing the same room? If not, I'm sure they really miss each other. I hope your next post is that you are all home!

  2. continuing to keep you all in our thoughts.