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Friday, February 13, 2009

More of the same, and also I'm losing my mind

Babies are stable. Improving slowly. But neither one is eating or drinking to the satisfaction of their doctors, and so we live under the constant threat of NG tubes still. So far I've argued against them effectively, but Lauren did have to get a new IV put in. Yesterday, her intakes and outputs were just too iffy, and when today also got off to a slow start, the doctor stopped messing around and started her on fluids again. I'm bummed. Another IV. Yet another thing to have to be rid of in order to go home.

Both babies are only on bi-paps now while they're sleeping. While they're awake, we're busy trying to stuff their gullets full of food and drink, and we fit in some playtime, too. The play center next door brings us new toys every few days to cycle through. Which is considerate of them, since the babies can't leave their rooms since they're considered "contagious" still. I don't think they're considered non-contagious until discharge. Which is annoying, because I've asked all the doctors if they're still contagious, and they agree that they're pretty much not. But whatever.

Another main issue right now is oxygenation. Neither baby can keep himself/herself oxygenated while sleeping. I guess there's still enough RSV crud in their lungs to prevent their little alveoli from doing their job well enough. And the doctor says no going home until they're completely weaned from O2, so I guess we just wait. They do great on normal room air while they're awake, but require an O2 "bleed-in" in their bi-pap hoses at night right now. So I guess it's just a matter of time for their lungs to completely get with the program. And so we wait.

I am so freaking tired of this place. Tired of nighttime nurses who think nothing of banging into the room at 2am like we all should be awake if they have to be. Or any nurse, day or night, who lets the IV alarm go off and takes 15 minutes to bother coming in to reset it even after I've already pressed the call button. And other people whose babies scream bloody murder (I know nobody can help this, but still, I'm done with it). And pulse oximeters that don't stay on right and therefore trick the monitor into thinking that the babies have no oxygen and make them start beeping loud as hell. Tired of ordering what is essentially "bar food" for every meal. And knowing that there are probably about a hundred really bad germs in this building that we could catch at anytime so long as we're still here. Blarg.

Lunchtime with Grandpa:


  1. I'm so sorry that you are having such a frustrating time Cassandra. It really is tough when your children are so sick. Don't stress too much about the NG tubes they're not so bad and are only temporary. At least you could go home with the NG tube in place, you can't with the IV! The sat monitors have a volume control that could be turned down when your children are sleeping! At least it wouldn't be such a jolt when the alarms do go off. Also could the nurses not tell you how to advance the IV pump so that you don't have to sit there listening to it ring off while they are unavailable. I agree that there is nothing more annoying than having to listen to machines ringing off when your already strung out!! The IV pump does have a hold or mute button that you could press until a nurse arrives! Hope this helps a little. Take care and we hope you guys are home very soon!

  2. I can imagine is so frustrating! I love seeing Lauren eating this french fry though, I hope they both just start eating away and get off the tubes and IV's. Such a cute picture with your dad, I hope the next one is without all the wires!