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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jenna's belated birthday pics

With Lauren getting so sick the day after Jenna's birthday party, and the doctor's visits and hospital stay which ensued, I didn't get a chance to properly post a quick recap and photos!

Jenna turned 5 a couple weeks ago. Her birthday party was over Super Bowl weekend. This year, we finally gave into her begging and held her party at Peter Piper Pizza. Why fight? If we have it at home, we count on warm weather to keep all the guests outside, plus we always end up serving more expensive food. Plus the cost of a jumpy house or whatever. Peter Piper winds up to be less expensive in the end, I think, just by a hair.

So many friends and family came. We were so blessed to have so many people come and give their love and attention to Jenna. And the gifts! There's nothing that the girl should want or need now until at least Christmas 2009! What a haul.

I can't believe it will be time for kindergarten registration in just a few weeks! That's how I know I'm getting older--it's all fun and games while your kids are little, but when they reach a milestone birthday (yes, I consider age 5 a milestone!), you suddenly realize you're that much older, too. Blah. LOL!

And a short video of the reluctant birthday girl getting sung to:

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