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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Blessed Day

I'm blogging to you now from the gorgeous green grass, in the shade, in my backyard. There are a few whispy clouds in the sky, nothing more than some smears of white against the baby blue sky. The sun shines--making my back hot, as I'm wearing a black shirt--and it's about 84 degrees here outside, with a little breeze.

Lauren is next to me, laying on a blanket and watching the birds and planes cross over her in the sky. Jenna is sitting next to her eating an apple. Kyle is eating mandarin oranges with his daddy on the back porch, in his outgrown baby walker. We're listening to Fishing In the Dark on my iPod, along with a little freeway traffic and some prop planes landing and taking off at the municipal airport a couple miles away.

Laundry is waiting. Decluttering everywhere and dirty bathrooms are waiting. Paying bills and shredding a tall pile of paper is waiting. Refueling our cars for the week is waiting. Making brownies for dessert tonight is waiting. Who cares? This is what it's all about. What a blessed, blessed day.

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