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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yay! Lauren met a goal! And Kyle is a singer.

What a groovy day yesterday was. First of all, it was a therapist day. And Lauren has been messing around with the straw on her usual sippy cup lately, so I brazenly handed her one of those old fashioned Tupperware sippy cups, with a dome lid and no straw. (I hate picking straws up after her, and it drives me nuts to constantly be scrubbing sticky dried juice off the floor because the juice sprays all over when she whips the straw out and throws it.) Anyway, she picked up the very full cup with two hands and tipped it up to her mouth and drank! This is big. 7 months ago when we started getting therapy from Early Intervention, this was a main goal for her development. She started off nowhere near being strong enough, and frankly I wasn't even sure if this goal was realistic. But woo hoooo! Here's an example of the cup I'm referring to. The cup on the right is the usual straw sippy cup that she used to use. The cup on the left is the retro-Tupperware cup that she can use now. Yay, Lauren!

Truthfully, this is a skill which would be expected of a normal 10 month old. But Lauren is a trooper and never lets anything phase her.

Also, it was a groovy day because Kyle has begun to sing. Yes, the boy who prior to today would only say, "no no no no", "oh yeah", and "uh-oh" now attempts to sing. I couldn't be more thrilled! Here's video of him. The song is from The Good Night Show and I don't expect anyone out there knows the tune. The words are supposed to be:

Lull- Lull- Lull-a-bye
Lull- Lull- Lull-a-bye
Sing, sing to yourself
A lull- lull- lullabye

Additionally, Kyle had his speech therapy evaluation today, and it was determined that he does qualify for speech services through Early Intervention. Woo hoo!


  1. Yea Lauren!! That is so awesome! And Kyle singing is adorable. I'm not sure which is cuter though, his singing or his sister in the background trying to sing for him - lol.

  2. What a cutie. And the "L" sound is very hard for many kids. Zachary is a few days shy of 5, and he's working on that in speech.