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Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't tell his daddy

Chris isn't here (still sick) and doesn't know how adorable his son looks in a Target $1 section Easter hat. Or how excited said child is about wearing it. Or that it's on backwards. ; )


  1. That is the cutest picture of Kyle in 'his' Easter hat. I love it! I cant' believe Chris is still sick, sheesh those germs are just hanging on, aren't they? I hope he & Jenna are better soon and can be home with you guys.

  2. We've had time to think about it, and we are finding so many similarities between this round of ills and last month's RSV. RSV is awful and weird and unique in certain ways, and both Chris and Jenna are exhibiting the same weird symptoms. I think we kicked them out of the house just in the knick of time. They need to be completely well for at least one whole day before they come home, and today they were still awful. :(

  3. Ouch, talk about awkward. Chris was standing over my shoulder to watch the video of Kyle singing, which is just above this blog post. And then he noticed the title of this blog post, and I had to show him the photo. Chris would like to emphasize that the Easter hat belongs to his sisters, not to Kyle himself, and that he does not judge his son for his mother's mistakes (in providing him access to the hat). LOL.