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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey Phoenix: Eat Some Pizza and Support the MDA (and therefore SMA research)

NYPD Pizza this Thursday is enlisting the help of the Phoenix Police Department to wait tables, and your tips will be donated to the MDA.

The MDA "buy a shamrock for $1" campaign ends one week from today. My twins benefit from real financial aid from the MDA, so now you that that's where your money goes. Maybe my babies should be poster children for the MDA. Indeed, they are cute enough. But anyway. I digress.

I bought my MDA shamrock at a Honeybaked Ham store this week, of all places, but I know all the grocery stores are selling them, too.

So if you like your cops walking up with a pizza instead of a traffic ticket, join us at 20th Street and Camelback at NYPD Pizza on 3/12, from 4-9pm. Or, just swing by and drop some money in the tip jar that I'm sure they'll have out. (And I suspect that there is more than one NYPD Pizza participating in this, but I'm not sure...)

Thanks to everyone for their support! Go buy a shamrock!


  1. I'm not really local enough to get a Phoenix pizza, but Lauren and Kyle are being featured on a shamrock bearing their name at the Super One in Duluth. :) A gold one even!