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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Backyard fun, and what I think is a brown recluse spider.

Caution, there is a photo of an icky spider at the end of this post. You've been warned.

What a cool afternoon we had today. Lots of backyard playtime. I'm thrilled with the new swing we got for the babies. Now that outdoor toys are appearing on store shelves, I was able to find this swing for them. It offers more upper body support than the bucket swing. Now I sort of wish I bought two of them instead of just one.

Chris' new custom grill finally arrived. Some famous BBQ grill maker in the South manufactured it. Chris would be annoyed if I can't remember the name.... hmmm, oh well. Anyway, it certainly does look nice. It's like our old grill, but on steroids. It has a big smoke box, and the iron is really thick, so when he smokes meats he won't have to wake up as often as night to add to the fire.

Some Jenna fun:

And finally, the spider photo. Do you think this is a brown recluse? We live right by some buttes and a wash/desert scrub, but we've mercifully been devoid of most bugs, snakes, scorpions, spiders, or other critters. Though we found one brown recluse last year, and now this one. It was on the garage door, right next to the key pad. It's like the thing had a death wish. I couldn't miss it. I might have accidentally brushed it with my hand if I'd been looking somewhere else when I approached the pin pad to open the garage door. Yeeps! So, any spider experts follow this blog? Weigh in, please.

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