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Friday, March 20, 2009

This is a Germ Free Zone

Jenna woke up this morning feverish and pukey. Chris still isn't better. They're both now camped out at my parents house while I sanitize the hell out of this house.

Vaccum, sweep, mop, baseboards, ceiling fans, coffee table. And every piece of bed or bath linen in the house is clean, being cleaned, or about to be cleaned. The windows and doors are all open and everything is airing out.

We cannot let the babies (or me) get whatever this is. I suspect the flu, but who knows. Chris didn't get a flu shot, but Jenna did and she's sick, too.

All this cleaning feels really good, actually. Sort of therapeutic in a manic, frenzied sort of way.

Also, I still haven't found my arm brace to help with all the pain. I bought a new one at Target this morning, and am surprised to report that it's already helping. Woo hoo!

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