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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sleep, sweet sleep.

Yay. I feel so refreshed.

For the last four nights, I've had Jenna sleep with me in my room (so that Lauren doesn't wake her with her crying--they share a room), and turn on my air purifier on "high" and close my door. I imagine the babies probably fussed a lot the first night, not that I heard them. And I imagine they fussed progressively less as each night went on. But the bottom line is that I'm finally getting some sleep, and getting caught up on the sleep I've been missing. I no longer feel like the college student who was up all night cramming for tests, like a zombie or something during the day.

Tonight I'll send Jenna back to her room, and keep my fingers crossed that Lauren finally has her act together. Wish us luck! I'm hoping this is a permanent thing, this idea of me actually sleeping from 10am-6pm, each night!

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  1. That's awesome Cassie, I hope it's the beginning of full nights sleep for you. I assumed you had Lauren & Kyle sleeping in the same room, have you always had Lauren & Jenna together? Sleep makes such a world of difference!