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Monday, September 8, 2008

Decompressing from our San Diego Vacation Spectacular

Ahhh, how nice it is to be home! It's strange to think that we went to San Diego to get out of this pit, but after 6 days away, the heart definitely grew fonder.

The first few days were a little rough. We had to force Benadryl and Prednisone down Lauren's throat, thanks to a severe allergic reaction she enjoyed the night before we left for San Diego. And we were all a little cramped at a friend's house... they have an enormous home, but really, is it possible for home to truly be big enough to accomodate five demanding houseguests? I'm thinking no.

In six days, we squeezed in one day at Legoland (BIG hit) and three days at Sea World (LOTS of great photo ops), plus some time at the beach and enough time leftover for Chris to attend the big job fair that brought our family to San Diego to begin with. Add to that a half day's drive there and back, and we were some busy people. Sprinkle in some puke sessions (two sessions for Lauren, one for Kyle), and only a fraction of the naps that were truly needed, and there you have it.

All our laundry is all done--small miracle! The babies are a little sickly now, as is Jenna, with congestion and coughs. And nap schedules are slowly (very slowly) starting to normalize. It's a lot of hard work to leave home for more than a day, but this trip was so worth it. If we didn't ever go anywhere because it's "too hard", then what sad little lives our kids would have. Kate Gosselin, from Jon & Kate Plus 8 said the same thing once. We want them to have memories of family trips like this, and to have neat experiences like letting the crashing waves chase you up to the dry sand and petting a dolphin at Sea World. And I want lots of pictures for our family scrapbooks.

So, when can we go to Disneyland?? I'm being serious. Sign me up! I must be feeling lucky, eh?


  1. LALALALALALALALALAAAAAAA. I can't hear you. Because if I did, I might realise you were in San Diego and at Sea World no less which is in my neighborhood and I didn't get to meet you finally.

    Oh and YAY for starting a blog.

  2. Yay! You have a blog, I'm so happy. Now I can follow you guys much easier! I didn't know you were in CA, how fun (well, minus the puke sessions). Sounds like you guys did a lot! I'm already ready to go back to Disneyland. How everyone recovers from their colds quickly.