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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Major headway made in the baby book project

Both babies now have baby books with the first ~20 pages completed! I haven't gotten to the parts where I write about what they were like at 3 months or 6 months or anything, but I have their birthdates written in there, and their birth annoucements taped to that page, and their family trees written in. A good, solid start. But alas, my house needs to be cleaned now and I had to put the baby books away for now.

Regarding that question about what I wish for them in life, I think I'm going to put something along the lines of thinking for themselves. That sort of covers everything, you know? If you are a critical thinker and don't go with the crowd just to save yourself the trouble of thinking things through on your own, then you will likely be happy, love yourself, be independant, be a good citizen, be considerate of others, etc. And I decided that whatever I come up with, it has to be the same for both babies. I don't want them to one day read their books and compare and be bummed that Mom wanted him to think for himself but wanted her to do something else. Whatever is important enough to want for one, I want for both! Though it has felt a little like plagiarism when I copy things word for word. Oh well. If God wanted me to be completely unique and creative in all things, He wouldn't have given me two babies at once.

And since I just now figured out how to post a photo in my blog, here is a photo unrelated to the baby books. It was taken in our hotel room in San Diego. Love Bumbos!

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