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Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Book: "If I could wish anything for you in your life, I would wish..."?

Help me answer this question? I have that question in both Kyle's and Lauren's baby books. Is it right to get all serious and cheesy and say that I wish they grow up to love themselves and love God? That's not a bad answer. But is that what I'm comfortable expounding upon? Not really. I need something more "me". But what to write, what to write. Times two. ?? Help.


  1. Oh dear heaven, I feel your pain. Maybe subconsciously that is why the baby books are so horrifyingly blank in our house and the blog is full! ;)

    Just wait 'til they start reading and you feel compelled to write different sentiments (as we should) in their birthday cards, but when those birthdays are the same day, the tap runs dry for me!

    So glad to have found your blog! Thanks for following mine...adding you to my stalked list!

  2. I love that header picture Cassie, that is too cute. Lauren especially makes me laugh. Okay, if you come up with something good for your baby book you have to share!