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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Books

I just bought baby books for the twins last week. They're nearly 15 months old, and I haven't documented anything of their babyhood yet. I'm horrified at myself.

Why is it so hard to "feel" like sitting down and documenting their milestones and personalities like this? It's such an important thing for me, to have these memories jotted down, to have something to look back on, and maybe later on something to compare them to. And give the baby books to the children when they have their own children, like my mom gave mine to me not so long ago.

Well actually, I haven't decided yet if I'm going to give the books to them. They are, after all, my memories. My memories of their babyhood, but also of my young motherhood. That's precious stuff. Who knows if they'll even care about that later on, or if they'll take good care of the books.

Anyway. I just wish I would do it already. I'll stop blogging and get right on that.... As soon as I check my email, finish uploading photos to Shutterfly, see what the free song of the week is on iTunes, catch up on my Word Twist games on Facebook, and maybe surf over to My Space and update my status there, and by then the laundry might need to go into the dryer....

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  1. Our baby books are so pathetic. I think we have the first few pages filled out and then nothing! I decided I would just use my blog as their baby book and have every year printed into a book ( I feel bad that they don't have anything in writing though when our parents did that for us.