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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Jenna Funny

Today it was just me and Jenna running errands together. On this rare occasion without the babies holding us back, we elected to pop into CVS to pick up a prescription rather than go through the drive-thru. After we decided which "path" would take us to the pharmacy counter (thanks to Dora, everywhere we go has a "path" to choose), Jenna played with the rack of reading glasses while I waited at the pharmacy counter. The clerk rang me up while looking suspiciously over at Jenna. She finally informed me, "your daughter is wearing our glasses", with a certain distaste reserved for children who eat dirt or pick their noses. I looked at Jenna standing next to me, with a pair of (stylish) readers on with a giant piece of plastic hanging off the side so that they could hang properly from the rack they'd been on. Jenna exclaimed, "Mommy! I can finally see!" The clerk didn't seem to this this was funny! Can you imagine? She seemed to take Jenna seriously. Yes, I am the mom who won't buy her child glasses, and instead the child can only see her world when we visit pharmacies which sell glasses.

And on a separate note, today, Lauren picked up a toy telephone, held it up to her ear, and babbled something that sounded like, "Hello?"! She's a genius! I knew it! Yay.

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