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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm getting no sleep, and sippy cup identification bracelets

Sleep sucks around here these days. Lauren used to be my good sleeper--she's loud and fussy, but when she's down at night she's down. She slept through the night five out of seven nights per week. That's as of, oh, say, three months ago. Slowly, the number of nights with wakings have surpassed the number of nights of rest to the point where I can't even remember the last time she slept through the night. And she's a beast to put down at bedtime. I don't get it. And Kyle? He's gotten a little fussy at bedtime, too, and he's waking 3-6 times per night. If I let him cry it out, it's too much to take. Half the time when I let him cry it out, he throws up on himself--I think he's probably crying due to burpy discomfort, so if I'd just gone in there to begin with, he would have been fine and not thrown up. And everytime, the only thing that will quiet him down and get him to sleep is nursing him. I'm tired of it. Literally. I am exhausted. Between the two of them, I haven't gotten more than two consecutive hours of sleep in WEEKS. I go to bed around 9pm and wake up around 6am and I'm up about 7 times each night. With Jenna, I took a hard stance against this crap and whipped her into sleep shape right after she turned 1, and she's my Ultimate Sleeping Champion now. I just don't feel like I can let them be when they wake anymore, I guess because until we get them up to speed developmentally, they just lay in their cribs on their backs and cry. They can't roll around and amuse themselves for a couple of minutes with their little Pooh or stuffed Shamu. And the pacifiers that tumble out of their mouths and lodge into their necks and wake them up, ooohhh I'm totally over that. And none of this is helping to wean them. Right now they're day-weaned from the breast, and I'm past my self-imposed deadline for night-weaning. I guess it all goes hand in hand, the waking at night to nurse and the ending of the nursing business. Ugh. And I'm so tired that I can't even formulate a plan to try to fix this. I'm surprised that I have the energy to think of all this stuff to say and type it out.

On a separate note, I got these ID tags for their sippy cups in the mail the other day--love them!

Lauren had an awful allergic reaction a couple weeks ago--to what, we don't know, but the only thing we could think of was cow's milk that she drinks everyday, so I've been putting soy milk in her sippy cup instead. Then her cup and Kyle's cup got mixed up and she consumed a little more cow's milk and got a rash again, ugh. So these little bands are so cool! I recommend them to anyone who has kids close enough in age to both be using the same kind of sippy cup or bottle.

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  1. Oh man Cassie, that sounds rough! Kat went through a phase like that where she was a beast to put down. I just dreaded it because she would scream and cry for what seemed like forever. I wonder if maybe it's just a stage? I hope it gets better for you, it's so hard to function during the day when you have no sleep.