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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Early Intervention came by today for a lovely visit

The babies are now formally in "the system" for in-home physical therapy with the state of Arizona. Today, we formalized a plan with objectives/outcomes and goals for their therapy. Our service coordinator and physical therapist seem so nice! We're really excited to have them in our lives for the next couple of years.

Our objectives for both babies include having them be able to roll over, to sit up soundly, to lift their feet to their mouths while lying on their backs, and to use sippy cups. Apparently, it's too early to add "crawling" to that list right now because they're just so far behind. We can freely add objectives to this list of goals later on, so that will come later.

On a positive note, the physical therapist was surprised and thrilled at Kyle's progress since she last evaluated him 5 weeks ago. He now sits upright (with pillows behind him for when he falls, because he does), claps his hands, and reaches forward to reach for items on his highchair tray. She read to us her notes from her last time here and wow, yes, Kyle has definitely progressed since then. So that made our day!

It will still be a month or so before we can get on their weekly schedule. But when we do, there could be up to three therapist coming here each week, for each baby--that's 6 weekly visits from pros whose only job is to play with them and teach me about the babies' development! Hooray for tax dollars!

As an aside..... right now Jenna is alternately singing into her Wiggles microphone "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis, "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Beddingfield and the Hannah Montana theme song. LMAO! I knew she knew the words to Hannah Montana, but I had no idea she even knew the other two songs existed! LMAO

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