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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lauren's First Powerchair

I've mentioned in the past that SMA overwhelms me sometimes. This week is another one of those times, I'm afraid. It's been a rough week in the SMA community. I'm trying to shake off this sour attitude, but for now, I thought I'd share a fun power wheelchair update. Lauren's chair has arrived! Actually, we're still waiting on the chest harness to be delivered, so the chair is sitting in a warehouse in Tempe at the moment. But we got to 'meet' her chair this week, and I am so psyched. I'm trying to decide on a name for her chair. My old favorite car was named 'Buttercup', but this sassyness-on-wheels needs a hipper name. I am accepting suggestions.

For those interested, the chair is a Permobil K450, and in Pop Star Pink, of course. Arranged for by my favorite wheelchair dude, Josh, to whom I've previously devoted a blog post.

And yes, this is probably the most expensive mainstream powerchair anywhere. I'm pretty sure that my college degree cost less, seriously. Without further ado, meet Lauren's chair.

Also, if you want to know why Lauren regularly points at the camera and calls it a pirate, it's because I use a Flip and there's some resemblance to an eyepatch. Well, I guess there is if you're two.


  1. I LOVE the pink! I can't wait until Lauren is zooming around in it.

    We're waiting on our Medicaid approval. Dakin's will be Longhorn orange.

    She is just too cute, you know that? I wish Dakin could lift his arms like that!!!

  2. she looks AMAZING!!! YAY Lauren!! .. what about the pink panther for a name? can't wait for her to have it at home. I love that chair. i want to get taysen one, his koala looks so puny lol.

  3. Wow - that's some chair!!!

    Lauren is a doll!!! Can't wait to see the driving videos :)


  4. I love Lauren's new chair - and that it's pink! We have a pirate camera here too. Love it.

  5. Name suggestion, Rosie. I love the eyepatch comments. My cat never comments on the camera when I have it out.