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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clowns and Face Masks

Today is the the day I lose my sanity. I have 13 kindergarteners and a magician clown coming over this afternoon. Clearly, someone is turning six years old.

I just hope I bought enough beer. Not for the children, obviously. And none for the clown, either. That can never end well, a drunk clown and his magic show.

On a completely separate note, I found myself running to stores like crazy all week in preparation for this party, and had to drag the twins there with me. I hate doing that, not in flu season. So many of our friends have had sick kids this flu season, but I like to think that since I never have to take the twins anywhere with me, they have stayed healthy. But since Costco doesn't offer a drive-through service (as if), I had to bring them in with me. I masked them, and then couldn't resist snapping this photo:

I have two requests of the Internet today:
1. I switched to Mozilla and now I can't figure out how to see more than one tab when I launch it. Hm, those words don't even really make sense, do they. Let's see, how else can I put it? I'd like for three different websites to launch simultaneously when I start my browser. Each site in their own tab, automatically, every time. Help me, Internet.

2. I'm having knee problems this week, but as soon as I feel better, I need a golf buddy. Or buddies. Nothing fancy, just the PV municipal golf course, but it has to be during the lunch hours, or maybe early weekend mornings. Putting practice and driving range balls are getting old. Don't get me wrong--I am the suckmaster at golf. But I love it, and I am a rule followerer, so what else can you ask for? I don't take mulligans unless my golf partner forces me to (oh yes, there have been times). The PV course isn't long, and it's cheap. Whadaya say?


  1. Sweeeet! Hope everything goes awesome and you keep some sanity w/ all of those munchkins running around!!! LOL!!!

  2. "I just hope I bought enough beer. Not for the children, obviously."

    Are you sure? I don't have kids, but this seems like a no-brainer to me.