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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hero Next Door

Folks, there is another contest which ends this Friday, called Vote for a Hero Next Door. The sponsors of the contest will award the winner with $2,500, plus $2,500 for their charity. Nobody can argue that Victoria Strong isn't one of the biggest heroes we know, and so I ask for your support.

Victoria is the mom to Gwendolyn Strong, and since her baby girl's diagnosis, she has been 100% committed to the causes of curing and increasing awareness of SMA, and all her energy seems to go towards those ends. The whole of the total $5,000 prize, if Victoria wins, will go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, their non-profit organization which funds projects related to SMA research and awareness.

Victoria and her family are role models for many of us dealing with children who have SMA. As parents, it's common to feel helpless when faced with this disease day to day. I can't stand around a laboratory and cure the disease, but I can ask you for your free and fast vote to put another $5k towards a cure.

As of Monday night, Victoria is 35 votes behind first place--not good enough! C'mon, do what the cool people are doing and vote for her. I'll buy you a margarita the next (or first, in some cases) time I see you, if you do!

Vote for a Hero Next Door


  1. I looks like she's back to first place now? I hope so!

  2. Yes, it looks like she is, for now! Days to go until the contest is over, though, and I'm afraid I've depleted my personal pool of willing friends and family. I need to cast my net wider, so feel free to spread the word so that we can widen her lead!

  3. Can you only vote once? It looked that way to me...