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Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear World, meet our new wheelchair. And it's PINK!


We accepted possession of Lauren's new pink powerchair today. Oh yes, you heard me--we own it. Own. It. No 'temporary' demo chair; no 'this isn't quite measured to her specifications'; no 'I'm going to need have this back soon' business. It is OURS. Or hers, rather.

For the wheelchair savvy/curious crowd: It's a Permobil pediatric K450.

This behemoth weighs 311 pounds, cost somebody (not me) USD$32,000, yet the "owner's manual" is as thin as a pamphlet. That's humorous, right? if it wasn't MY responsibility to figure this thing out. And the best part is that the "troubleshooting guide" for this thing has 6 rows. Because surely only six confusing things will happen with this thing. Not.

Anyway, so let me share: This chair is four feet long and 2 feet wide (ugh). This wonder of mobility technology moves 5.2 miles per hour (she'll be like the Wii Fit doggie who sets my pace when I jog). The seat tilts back electrically, and with the seat-to-floor funtion the seat itself raises up to bar height (you know, for all the clubbing she has planned) and all the way down flush with the ground (think: preschool circle time). It can be driven while sitting as low as 2 inches from the ground. It has headlights and blinkers. And...what's this I'm reading, I have to check the air pressure in the tires "at regular intervals"? Are you kidding me? I did not sign up for that. I don't even check the pressure in my own tires. Sigh.

But the best part is that it is hers. And pink, don't forget the Pop Star Pink. Yeah, the color upgrade surcharge of $500 was thrown in 'for free'. I adore you, Josh from Permobil, and forever thank you for the free paint job. xoxo. To the rest of the world, I introduce...hey, wait, I need a nickname for this chair? Buttercup? Greased Lightening? Pepto-Bismol-a-licious? C'mon, I need your creativity, folks.

Ahh, don't get me wrong, we are beyond thrilled to finally have this chair. I am so relieved that all the Medicaid budget cuts and everything else haven't gotten in the way of my baby girl getting the equipment she needs to start really living her life. I am full of gratitude to a) Josh @ Permobil and b) the taxpayers of the State of Arizona.

Another quick update--the house we've been waiting four months to buy was scheduled to foreclose today, again. And today, again, BofA has extended their foreclosure date another 30 days. We're starting to wonder if flat out foreclosure on this family would be more helpful to us than continually extending the date. Because Lauren can't even use her new chair until we move out of this house. Sigh.


  1. Look out world! Here comes Lauren! You go, girl!

  2. That is an amazing piece of machinery - wow! (and an amazing price tag to go along with it - holy crow!). maybe some racing stripes??

    : )

  3. Name it Rosa. Spicy but pink! Congrats on the chair. Was your van even worth that as you drove it off the lot?

  4. LOL, I only paid $30k cash for the van. So yeah, this chair is worth more than my vehicle.

  5. Woot Woot! I bet she is loving that new chair. Can't believe that chair costs that much! So thankful that the Medicaid paid for it as well! Hugs to you and your lightning fast girl on pink!