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Friday, February 5, 2010

And you thought you knew me...

In my real-world, non-virtual life, I work hard not to let the twins' diagnosis define me. I was once a pretty nifty chick to know--I know, that's hard to believe. But online, sometimes I feel like a broken record, ranting about SMA all the time.

One of the many things I hate about Spinal Muscular Atrophy is that it's so overwhelming, even for the families of kids who are affected less severely than others. I have reviewed the first page of this blog and noticed that I don't shut up about SMA these days. I'm not sorry about that, though--there is a lot to say and share about it. But for today, how about I share some non-SMA related trivia about myself with you?

1. I used to golf weekly, but haven't picked up my clubs in three years. Now, I'm determined to pick back up with my old golf league when they begin their weekly play in a couple months. That should explain all the time I spend putting and chipping and at the driving range these days. Also, it's nice to be the youngest person by about 30 years, as far as the eye can see--you see, I hit my balls during the weekdays when the rest of the people my age are working.

2. I love music. The TV is only on in his house if the twins are watching it or if the hubby is watching ESPN or Nat Geo. I love all kinds of music. Send me suggestions of more good tunes anytime.

3. I secretly love summertime in Phoenix just so that I can complain about the heat to everyone.

4. I wear yoga pants for everything but yoga. And the reason I don't wear yoga pants during yoga is that my foot slips off my leg in the tree pose, and the cuffs bother me when they hang down during the shoulder stand. I wear shorts for yoga.

5. My favorite thing to gaze at is the hot pink Barbie Corvette that Jenna received as a birthday gift. I wish I had had one as a little girl, and yes, I wish I had one now (but, you know, life sized).

6. In the last two months, I've experienced both a blog troll and You Tube trolls--people who trash talk my children because of their disabilities. Never underestimate the bitterness and misery with which some people are burdened.

7. I love wine. Especially red. Especially from Spain. Those Spaniards REALLY know what they're doing with that whole grapes in a barrel business.

8. After six years of Spanish classes, I thought I could speak it. Until I went to Spain and tried to. Turns out, I can't. Unless you can't either, and then I probably sound pretty good.

9. One of my eyes is brown, and the other is green. The difference between them is not subtle. And even after 33 years, I will never remember which eye is which color. I look in the mirror and don't even see it anymore. Sometimes, when someone new notices my eyes, I lie and tell them that they were the same color before I had Lasik done and who knows what happened.

10. I type 75 words per minute at 98% accuracy. (I just did a typing test, literally 30 seconds ago, so I know this is true.) Don't ever challenge me to a type off, because I will smoke you.


  1.'re so funny and you do not talk about SMA too much, it's a part of your life just like your kids are and you talk about with such humor and grace that it's actually very inspiring!

    I have been loving music all the time lately too, espcially since I got an iPod touch for Christmas. I have been listening to the Airbourne Toxic Event and 30 Seconds to Mars and Santigold and Sia lately. I heart them all...check them out on iTunes! :)

  2. LOL I love the eye thing. I have a scar on my ankle that I will sometimes tell people I got from a shark scuba diving off the coast of Tasmania...

    I haven't been around too long, but I don't think you talk too much about it either. It is kind of all encompassing, and it's so easy to lose yourself. I am glad you have a plan to get back to some of you--I need to do the same.

  3. LOL I just read what I wrote...that would be ME scuba diving, not the shark...lolol

  4. Trolls suck. Maybe you should mention your link to law enforcement more?
    I really got to get my Phoenix mules to bring you some wine selections from France. Maybe next month?