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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heh? What was that? I don't understand "Approved"?

We got an email today from our physical therapist, who was forwarding an email from the Permobil (wheelchair) sales dude, claiming that Lauren's powerchair has been approved by insurance.

Well, the last I heard, they denied it because she requires an attendant-control unit, and I didn't even appeal that denial. And that was months ago. I had planned to start over with the whole process in January, now that we have plenty of video footage showing how easily they can drive and manipulate the loaner chair that Permobil temporarily gave us.

In any case, our beloved Permobil rep will be here on Monday to take new measurements for Lauren's powerchair. I still don't believe we'll get it. Good, complicated things don't happen to good, normal people. Usually that would require Al Gore to step in and casually suggest-slash-encourage it. Gasp! Maybe that's what happened! I should find out soon and will of course keep you posted...

p.s. No word on Kyle's chair. They're two different kids with two different mounds of paperwork, so we never expect something like this to be approved for them both at the same time.

p.p.s. Anyone know how we can get our minivan converted to transport two powerchairs?

p.p.p.s. Anyone know someone at Bank of America who can fast track our current contract on a pre-foreclosure house? It's a perfect house for wheelchairs, and it's been "pre-foreclosure" for weeks. The final foreclosure date is next Wednesday, which means our contract gets flushed down the toilet if it's not approved by BofA by then, and we are again without a house to buy. I need room for these wheelchairs, yo! Make it happen!

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  1. That is fantastic that it was approved! Yeah for lauren! (it took almost a year for my dad to finally get his power chair. Damn insurance.)
    If you haven't converted the van yet, try going to the company where you bought the van (ie GM, Ford, etc) and ask them. My mom had hers' done through GM (of course, that was before the govt owner them. UGH)
    As for the banks, do you mean to say you are in foreclosure and you want to expedite it? If so, Kathy, from our twin group works for them, I think. I'll ask her for you if you'd like...