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Monday, December 7, 2009

Taking a Stand

Lauren took her first stand today. Not against nuclear proliferation or the Obama White House or daylight savings time. No, I mean she literally stood for the first time today. We got her stander a few days ago, and she got in it once when her physical therapist, Gayle, taught us how to use it, but she didn't last long in it before melting down. So today was attempt #2, and she lasted a whopping 10 minutes! The goal is to stand for two hours per day, but we have to start small. Her legs have never supported her trunk, ever, in her whole 30 months of life. I'd say we had success, wouldn't you?

Don't doubt that M&M's were her motivator for getting into her stander today, though! She's human, after all.


  1. Look at that face!!! How many M&Ms did Lauren get?!?!?

    You can get a lot accomplished with those M&Ms.

    Not that I'd know or anything....


  2. She looks great and I'm sure she'll get to two hours in no time! I love Kyle sitting on the couch with a big grin on his face...will he get to use it, too?

  3. Oh, Kyle would rather swim laps across the Atlantic naked than get into the stander. But M&M's are given out as a reward here, so I suspect Kyle will see the light soon...If M&M's aren't enough, then heaven help me I'll have to bring out the Caillou DVD's, which also means I'll go insane. Or start drinking heavily. Either way.

  4. Awesome!! Way to go, Lauren! Hey, another bribe technique for the stander (that we use every day, I am almost embarrassed to admit) is television. I can get Dakin to stay in his stander from 45 min-1.5 hours at a time. I'm rotting his brain, but the physical payoffs have been huge for him. Just a's my tradeoff.

    And BTW I love your writing are hysterical.

  5. Cassie - that is so amazing. Love her smile (and Kyle's too). Oh man though, how I hate caillou. Hope you don't have to go that route to get Kyle to stand.

  6. Awww... she looks great! Jenna has the same stander.