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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big, Fat (Phat?), Fabulous News

Our virtual friends, Bill and Victoria Strong, head a charitable organization named after their daughter called The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Gwendolyn was born a couple months after the twins, and has SMA type 1. This one family has been super successful at raising money for the cause of SMA research, and run the Petition To Cure SMA. We found out this week that Gwendolyn's foundation won $25,000 from something called Chase Community Giving. That's Chase, as in the bank, who allowed Facebook users to vote for up to 20 local charities to receive this award, and Gwendolyn's foundation was one of the winners. Bill and Victoria Strong have announced that the sum of this donation will be forwarded to the stem cell research program run by Dr. Hans Kierstad at UC Irvine. Is this awesome or what? Stay tuned for January, when I post again begging for your vote again--that's the huge million dollar final contest!

In other news.....

1. Santa has already wrapped all gifts and pre-assembled all toys destined for our house on Christmas Eve. Does Santa rock, or what?? Also, Santa needs her hair color touched up, so if the colorist around the corner at the North Pole doesn't get an opening soon, the children who spy Santa on Christmas are going to notice a LOT of gray hair. Hmmm... wait a minute, that analogy doesn't work very well, given Santa's known hair color. So let's just say that my hair is almost as gray as Santa's. Must have color done soon lest the world think I'm a homeless person who *used* to have great highlights and mutters to herself things like "I should totally Tweet that".

2. Jenna already has a second loose tooth. Tooth Fairy is currently hunting for empty tin cans to cash in, in order to finance all the tooth losing going on here.

3. Also? Santa needs a pedicure, stat. And slipper socks. Right away. It gets all the way down to, like, 40 degrees at night these days, and Santa's toesies are suffering on every level. Bbrrrr.

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  1. I am in desperate need of a pedicure, too! The chipped off polish from Sepetmber doesn't look so hot anymore! We are so excited about the Strongs winning the money from Chase! They (and the whole SMA community) really deserves it!