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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Finding-Out-We're-Having-Twins Day

On this day three years ago, we found out we were having twins. The twins were all:

When the ultrasound tech innocently informed us of this fact, I was all:

And Chris was all:

And our friends and family were all:

But I was still all:

But it's okay, because now we're all:

This post wouldn't have been possible without my OB-GYN and and a Google image search, so many thanks to them both. ;)


  1. yup!! BTDT!!!! but I had to wait three more months before we/I got to experience it (St. Paddy's day '07) LOL

  2. I remember when you guys found out. I was so excited - the odds of us both having boy/girl twins. I still think it's pretty cool!

  3. LOL! I was all like that too (I mean, just like you. LOL) i was actually all like that until mine were born, and then I was REALLY freaked out.