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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Such fun!

What a week.

Jenna lost her first tooth. And the tooth fairy came.

Then Jenna's cheerleading group at school performed during the live morning video announcements:

And THEN Jenna got her second and final H1N1 immunization at school. Special thanks to Brenlee's mom who coached her through her tears!

And we had a GREAT time at the MDA Christmas party today. Big thanks to my mom for coming with us to enjoy a great time, and provide another set of eyes and arms for the kids. And BIG thanks to the MDA for hosting such a fun time! We missed some of our friends there, including the Harmans and some new SMA families in Phoenix, but were grateful to reconnect with the Wolff's, Nichols', and Felix's.


  1. What a busy and fun week!! LOVE the video of Jenna cheering - how big does she look in that??!!

  2. Oh, fun!!!! What great pics! I wish we had an MDA chapter closer...wait, maybe we do. If we do we haven't done anything with them...obviously. Hmm. Need to check that out.

  3. Your last comment cracked me up! I think Nicholas already loves Lauren...he likes to sign along with her in the videos you post!