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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Estate Planning, Testicle Surgery, and Fundraising--Oh, My!

Chris and I finally finished our business with an estate planner. I never knew that planning for death was so complicated--and yes, that statement sounds ridiculous to me now that we've been through the process. Oh, how naive we once were. Let's just say that if YOU ever plan on leaving me in anything in your will, leave it to the Byrd Family Trust, and if you ever plan on leaving anything to my children, leave it to the Special Needs Trust for Kyle & Lauren (or Jenna, by herself). Because the income and tax ramifications if you don't use that terminology are brutal. We paid thousands of dollars to our beloved estate planning attorney, so please please don't leave any valuable figurines or expensive season tickets to us directly. I implore you. Actually, what we've learned is that the babies aren't allowed to have any income, in order to continue getting their medical services paid for by the government. So their Special Needs Trust was created so that we have someplace to put random gifts--like $20 checks for their birthday, etc--in an account where they can still benefit from gifts but won't be penalized for them. It's all very tricky, but totally legal, don't worry. Our estate planner is located around central Phoenix I'd refer him to any friend.

If you recall from a previous post, Kyle has some undescended testicles which need tending to. As luck would have it, the surgeon does not have any spot open on his calendar until the end of November, so to avoid flu and RSV season, we've planned the procedure for April 2010. It's going to be scary, but I promise to be a brave little soldier through it all.

Lastly, we've registered our family for the Arizona Walk-N-Roll to Cure SMA. All proceeds benefit the Families of SMA (FSMA), who has given millions of dollars in research grants. If you can spare a few bucks, drop them here: It's all tax deductible, and you can count on me pimping this cause until the Walk on 11/22. LET'S CURE SMA ALREADY, PEOPLE! Word.

What we've been doing these days:

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