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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Disney Store is Really Just a Disney Store.

Today was the grand opening of the Disney Store at Arrowhead Mall. It also happened to be a day with no school for Jenna, for some strange reason. So the four of us arrived to the Disney Store 20 minutes before it opened, which was CLEARLY ninety minutes too LATE.

So after waiting 20 minutes for the store to open, we waited another 20 minutes for all the crowds in front of us to get in and out of the store in order to avoid a citation by the fire marshall for having too many people inside. And then? We raced through the store in 5 minutes so that we could wait in the checkout line for 25 minutes. And guess what? There were no extra special one-day sales, and all the merchandise is pretty much the exact same stuff they had three years ago. Even so, that didn't get us down. We were at the second-most Happiest Place on Earth. At least the children all got free mouse ears, and aren't they completely thrilled about that?

We hung out with the Felix family yesterday, as well as the Harmans and another family whose new baby was just diagnosed. Alexa Felix has SMA Type 1, and the most gorgeous light brown curls in her hair that I've ever seen. They all bonded over Blue's Clues, while the adults bonded over pizza and football and beer.

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