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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A quick check-in, so that I don't miss Mad Men

Just doing a drive-by, because I know my sister reads this (even though she never stoops low enough to comment) (and also won't move up here closer to us to know the details of our lives first hand) (and also because she won't join Twitter or Facebook and therefore has NO idea what's passing through my mind fifteen times per day in 140 characters or less):

1. Twins are doing well. We're on day 4 of trying out a new additive to their food, something called Duocal. It's super expensive and our doctor hasn't even mentioned it. We got our can of Duocal off the Black Market, but we're impressed thus far. We see all their doctors this month for general check ups, before flu season starts, so here's hoping they've put on some ounces!

2. Kyle And His Undescended Testicles--These Are The Days Of Our Lives: Yes, he does indeed have two of them (an anatomically appropriate number). But they're both located somewhere along his waist, which, if you're a testicle, is evidently not the most favored location. He needs surgery to correct this. Which means general anesthesia. Which means we don't take it lightly. They can't schedule him until late October, but we refuse to walk into a hospital in full health during flu and RSV season, so it will have to wait until Spring. And because in 16 years, I'm pretty sure my son will be grateful that his mother waxed on and on about his boy parts for an extra 7 months "just to avoid the flu season".

3. We're able to do more and more evening wheelchair training, now that it's not one-hundred-and-crap degrees before the sun sets. Kyle is making great strides (figuratively speaking). Lauren is a speed demon. Am price comparing steel-toed boots.

4. No progress made on the insurance approval for the wheelchairs. Insurance companies have no idea who they're dealing with. Okay, they probably do, but they have no idea how much and how fast I can talk in real life. And also? How I can use Google satellite maps (to determine your location) and published studies to really mess with you and your preconceived notions about how intelligent my kids are and how much they need these powerchairs. Like, yesterday.

5. The offer we made on a house on the west side was accepted. Did I mention this in a previous post? Well, the home was formerly used as an assisted living home, which means it's wheelchair accessible, woo hoo! But evidently, the current owner owes a lot more than what we're paying, so his lender still has to approve the sale.... could take 6 months... and even then, we may not even be approved. So our Realtor is all for us continuing to aggressively house hunt until the banks approve the sale. If anyone needs a 5 bedroom single level in north/northwest Phoenix, talk to me first. I don't charge any commission, and I probably know more than your Realtor.

6. I convinced so many people to donate to my MDA fundraiser that I am entered to win a Phoenix stay-cation weekend! Two nights at a posh Scottsdale Hilton, including a dinner gift certificate. Grandparents? Get ready for some company soon (all your grandchildren), because I'm feeling lucky! Got extra cash? I have a good cause:

That's it. But here's a photo to make reading all this worth your while. I hope. Jenna + stickers + Lauren = this.


  1. You have to sign your life away just to leave a comment! No, I don't want to sign in or sign up!

  2. I find the lack of comments on my own blog frustrating, yet I rarely make them on others, how rude am I? Don't answer that.
    Okay, back to you, I can't believe how long since I read your blog, I had to go back several posts to get caught up. Happy I am up to date now. Did you realize you left a little cooler here last time? It is hanging by the door, but I never have it with me when I am close enough to consider a drive by (a real one, actual gas consumption etc). Call me or text me next time you frequent the anthem outlet mall or when you want to come to the farm again.