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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy October

What a fabulous start to October in Phoenix. First and foremost, pink is my favorite color (my middle name is Pinkalicious) (bonus points if you "get" that), and October brings all things pink to every store in America. I hate breast cancer (my Granny is a breast cancer survivor), but I adore pink, so I embrace October for that.

Secondly, this weather has been amazing. I swear, it was one week ago and the high temps were 108 degrees F. Today, I'm not sure it even reached 90 degrees. It has been bliss. The weather has caused us to remember that we have a backyard! And a swing set! And sandbox! What a thrill. The TV has been off more than usual lately, while we frolic in our patch of paradise outside.

Lastly, we sent off all our fundraising letters for the AZ Walk N Roll To Cure SMA over the weekend, and wait patiently for the money to start rolling in. I can't wait to turn in thousands of dollars in donations at the Walk next month!

Mini updates on all of us:
Chris--birthday is approaching next month. Home Depot gift cards would be appropriate gifts.
Me--planning The 2009 Family Christmas Card Photo. With three kids, I gotta start early, people.
Jenna--starts an after school cheerleading "class" this week. It will undoubtedly will be fun for her. No idea when Daisy Scouts will start, but the cookies better show up by February, damnit.
Lauren--my night owl. And an unwelcome one. It's 10pm; Go to sleep, child!
Kyle--my early bird (Byrd). Super early. But at least he's cute.

Kyle helped me with laundry folding today. He's so helpful.

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