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Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazon and House Hunting (but not house hunting on Amazon)

I love it when Amazon does their Wish List Sweepstakes. I don't think they did it last year, but they have brought it back this year! Go to Amazon and create your Wish List to be automatically entered to win, among other things, a dream kitchen, Kindle, or a trip to Disney. Everytime you add something to your wish list you are entered into that week's contest again. I frequent Amazon regularly, and I almost missed this contest, and so wanted to share. My whole family has a wish list on Amazon, for anyone desperate to send us gifts...

We're buying a new house! We've been searching for months for a house to meet our unique needs--enough bedrooms for three kids to each have their own, no interior steps, and an open floor plan to better allow for wee ones on power wheelchairs to zoom around. And also? We don't have half a million dollars to spend. We found a home to meet all these needs, with the added bonuses that it's 3 minutes away from my parents' house and also is near an elementary school where another SMA family sends their daughter who is also in a powerchair, so our trail is already blazed at that school. We have the home inspection today, and we close next month if all goes well. I'm trying to convince hubby that we need to be totally moved in by Christmas! That's not impossible, but we have some projects planned for the new house that we need to do before moving in, so we'll see.

We're so psyched! Closing day can't come fast enough!

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