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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Took Jenna on her first ferris wheel tonight

5 hours later, I am *almost* recovered.

She freaking LOVED the ferris wheel. Me? I am afraid of heights. Also? I am particularly afraid of ferris wheels. "Mom, let go of my hand! My hands are tiny! And you're squeezing them too hard!"

Thank heavens the operator didn't leave us at the very tiptop while he let everyone else get off. We were the first off. I'm sure the fact that my eyes were squeezed shut while I chanted during the entire 12,000 hour ride had nothing to do with it.


It was a church carnival. It was fun. If by "fun", you mean 101 degrees F and dusty and expensive.....


  1. I hate Ferris wheels too. they don't look very sturdy. :S

    Weirdly enough, my boyfriend told me he loved me when we were stuck at the tip top of the damn thing. lol.

    And I always get stuck at the top.