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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Check-in

1. We can't buy the house which I previously mentioned. Due to certain mortgage restrictions on "flipped" houses, we can't purchase this house until after 12/21, so if it's available at that time and we haven't found something better, we'll give it another try. And I won't talk about the Great House Hunt anymore, because I'm tired of jinxing it! Also because it's boring to you.

2. We're going to attempt to get the kids their required H1N1 vaccines tomorrow at a public clinic. Wish us luck!

3. Kyle got a sense of humor. Sort of.

4. Lauren takes the stage, in perfect key. Sort of.

(if you're reading this in Facebook, you'll have to view the original post to see this video, I think)


  1. Stop. That is adorable when Kyle butts in.

  2. Oh those videos totally made my day! Bravo to your talented twins. I cracked up when Lauren said, "thank you, thank you!" at the end. So cute! Nicholas is getting his H1N1 vaccination tomorrow at his peditrician's clinic tomorrow too. I still am apprehensive about it but am more terrified of him actually getting swine flu. I saw on the news tonight that 1,000 people have already died from it. Scary! Love the videos...more please!