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Friday, January 9, 2009

Who gave me these old lady bones?

I thought it was a one-time fluke, that I woke up one morning and my bones were sooo achey. I tried to remember what I'd done the day before--did we walk all throughout Disneyland and I just couldn't remember? But then it happened the next morning, and the next.

That was 3 weeks ago. I'm afraid that the fact is that I am getting older. I used to feel young and spry, even at the ripe old age of 32. But no more. Those carefree days of bouncing up out of bed to greet the day (or the wailing infant) are long gone.

My bones feel old. I find myself shuffling out of bed and to the bathroom and down the hall. I bet this is why Old People walk so slow--because it hurts just to be awake! Orthopedic shoes and a walker actually sound good to me, well first thing in the morning, anyway. Once I'm up and walking around for 10 minutes or so, I begin to feel normal again. But my joints, ohhh, these joints. What do Old People take for discomfort like this? Is this what those Aleve commercials are about, or is it the one aspirin per day regimen that is supposed to help?

And you Young People wouldn't understand. And you're probably making fun of me for not eating right or excersizing and are pretty confident in your own ability to defy Age. And I will be heartily laughing when I read YOUR blogs one day to find you complaining of the same thing, so neener neener neener.

But something tells me this is just the beginning!


  1. I'm only 21 and I feel your pain! My bones have been achy all week.

  2. Dare I warn you about 44? ;) It's all good, but creaky, achy and noisy...all involved. (My hope is that red wine will help....)

    Think winter DOES make it worse. Hang in there!