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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Whew. I finished the Twilight saga.

What a delicious book.

I raced through the first three books in about three and a half days, but took nearly a week to get through the final book. I loved them! Forget that the target audience is teens and the book is displayed in the “Juvenile” section. I think that the intensity of the books requires more maturity than “Juvenile”. Also, after studying Bram Stoker’s Dracula in a college literature class, I can’t miss the sexualization in vampire stories. I don’t know if I would have been mature enough as a teen to appreciate Twilight, but I sure can now.

Let’s see, where to start? I had avoided the hype over Twilight until three weeks ago when I decided to add the $6 Twilight paperback to my Amazon order, in order to qualify for the free shipping. I promised myself that I’d “try” to get through at least half of the book, expecting that I’d hate it, but I at least wanted to get a feel for the story so that I wasn’t so in the dark. I began reading it at 10pm one night while my husband was out of town, and didn’t put it down until nearly 2am! It was so intense. I was sucked right in. The first book was the best, in my opinion, though the second book New Moon was very good, also. The third book, Eclipse was my least favorite, though still overall a good book and essential to continuing the story. And the final book, Breaking Dawn, was also very good. I remember hearing that fans complained about the ending in Breaking Dawn, but I’m not sure why. I thought it was just fine. Sort of wrapped up nicely in a bow for us. Nothing wrong with that.

I began reading this saga with the following knowledge/expectations:
• The story is for young people, not older readers
• It’s about vampires, which I don’t care for
• Robert Pattinson (YUM) and Kristen Stewart play the leads in the movie
• The movie got slammed by both critics and fans of the book
• The ending of book 4 was disappointing.

So of course, after reading the books, I can safely say that:
• The story may be appropriate for some young people, but I bet we older readers get more out of it than a young person! Lots of subtle details and mature references that a young person may not fully appreciate.
• Indeed, the story is about vampires—the very best kind. The kind which are sexy, impossibly good looking, sexy, mysterious, intense, intriguing, and did I mention sexy? Which is a great combo to engage a reader like me, who doesn’t “care about vampires”.
• As I read the books, I didn’t get to use my imagination to form an impression of Edward and Isabella, since I already knew what Robert Pattinson (YUM!) and Kristen Stewart look like. That’s okay. They’re plenty good enough for me!
• I want to see the movie so bad!
• The ending of book 4 was just fine! And lastly,
• Vampire sex is hot!!!

I'm looking over my post thus far and see that I haven't yet addressed how obsessed I was about finishing these books once I started. I just devoured them. They made me insane. It was all I could do to remember to feed my children, as I was so obsessed about finishing these books. As it is, one of the kids went without her allergy meds all week because I had other things on my mind at bedtime--like getting everyone to bed as quickly as possible so that I could get back to reading! And one morning, I dragged the kids to Super Target with me at 8am to buy the book and some donuts, and we sat at the Starbucks inside so that I could start reading right away, while the kids were busy with their own breakfasts.

Thank goodness there are internet support groups for Twilightaholics. Really, it's not often that you come across a book that is so, so satisfying, not to mention addicting! I hope Stephanie Meyer makes an absolutely obsene amount of money from these books, as she should. She deserves it.

If you’re intrigued at all by these books, I say drop $6 on Twilight and give it a whirl. But the one major mistake I made was not realizing that I should just suck it up and buy all four books together. I should have known better. Because guess what is impossible to do at midnight with a house full of sleeping kids? Going to a bookstore to buy the next book, after you’ve finished the last book, that’s what. That was excruciating! I was bribing friends to bring me their copies at midnight. Nobody would agree. Jerks! Tee hee, just kidding.

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