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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a rotten night.

Kyle’s sleep study last night could have only been worse if he would have thrown up on me. It was pretty bad, when by 2:45am he still had only slept about 30 minutes the whole night. But then he upchucked chocolate milk and French fries all over himself and the bed, and I almost packed us up and walked out right then and there. And if last night wasn’t already going to cost me $1,300 out of pocket, I would have. But I couldn’t bear to spend all that money and get none of the data we needed, so we cleaned up Kyle and the bed and stayed to give it one last try. Ugh. He finally let the tech put a mask on him and fell asleep somewhat quickly at that point—I imagine he had just finally exhausted himself entirely.

In the end, he slept 4.5 hours, one hour longer than they minimum needed to get the data on the bi-pap titrations for him. I slept considerably less than that. And I am so sick of Baby Einstein DVD’s today that I am tempted to trash them all. We “watched” Baby Einstein from about 8pm until about 4am. Blech. This should be the last sleep study for him.

My next blog should be an account of my experience reading Twilight. Does that sound boring? If I were read this sentence on someone else’s blog a week ago, I would have been turned off—who gives a rat’s patootey over Twilight? But I was curious about the hype around the books and movie and decided to read just half the book to find out how much I hated it. And I love it. Love isn’t even a strong enough word (heh heh, and if you’ve read the book, how appropriate it is that I just said that). I am obsessed with it. As you all should be.

Okay, must go finish book 3 and start book 4. Ta ta for now.

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  1. Am I the only one left on this planet who has not read Twilight? Seriously...I am I really missing out? Where have I been?

    Love your style--your narratives are hilarious.