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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's better than finding out that your twins both need a second round of sleep studies?

No no, wait for it.... it's finding out that the first round of sleep studies still haven't paid for by insurance. Because, according to the sleep study clinic, our coverage was canceled before their sleep studies occured last month.

Really! Really?! 'Cause I don't recall canceling our health insurance, and I don't recall not paying our monthly premium. Guess I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow.

And a single sleep study costs over $1,000, so in case you're wondering, yeah, this is a major PITA. Don't know what PITA means? Check the second result in a Google search.



  1. Ah, Insurance, the greatest scam of all time. Give them hell.
    Best of luck to you and to the operator who gets your call.

  2. Update: Our insurance company is a subsidiary of a larger, more commonly known company. The sleep study clinic submitted our claim to the parent company, rather than to the subsidiary. The parent company doesn't know who we are and so denied the claim. The sleep study will resubmit correctly. And I'll be happy to keep on kicking asses and taking names if anyone else makes the same mistake! Mraaah haa haaaa.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad to read the update! I really can not tell you how much I hate insurances! I'm glad though that maybe you got it figured out.