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Saturday, July 11, 2009

London, Baby! (Well, eventually.)

Okay, that's it. Hubby and I are dead set on visiting England in 2010. This involves so many logistics with the kids that it's not even funny. But if we don't get the hell out of Dodge for a few day, we're going to go to the looney bin sooner rather than later.

Any tips on what to do on our third trip to London? We've already done the super-touristy stuff--Jack the Ripper walking tour, Windsor Palace, Bath (would love to go back there, though), Stonehenge, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick Castle (ditto Bath comment), Harrod's, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street, Hyde Park, etc. Any other gems of places you can think of? We were delighted with Warwick Castle when we visited, and would love to visit more, I think.

What about Wales or Scotland? What are the logistics in getting there from the London area? We haven't seen Canterbury yet. Nor Manchester. Nor the white cliffs at Dover and such. Worth the time? We're contemplating visiting my childhood friend Linda in Paris via a 2-day Chunnel pass (or whatever they call it). (This is your warning, Linda--we may be in your neck of the woods next year--if you're still living there by then, anyway.)

Too bad we don't have the choice to see Michael Jackson at the O2 while we're there. Ok, not that Chris would ever agree to spend money on that kind of thing while we're on vacation (or on Michael Jackson at all), but still. It would have been nice to have the choice.

You think there's a Harry Potter walking tour? Perhaps a soccer (futbol) stadium which not only serves beer but also allows you to drink it at your seat? No? Well then, it's going to be a long trip.

Also, we only stay at Hilton. I'm thinking the one at Covent Garden, again? The Paddington property was super-convenient for the train to Gatwick airport, but the rooms were t-i-n-y. And the Hyde Park Hilton made us sign waivers before they would let us open our window, promising we wouldn't jump (??)--plus, there weren't many places within walking distance to eat, and we would have died before paying eight POUNDS for a burger from the Hard Rock Cafe near there. Any other hotel suggestions?

So, what else? I'm already gathering up my passport, Boddington beer, Harry Potter books, and Clark's walking shoes. Getting super excited for a trip 9-12 months from now which is barely a twinkle in our eyes...

And in celebration of London, one of our favorite places on the planet, I leave you with this:

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