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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and The Hangover (spoilers)

Don't ask how, but my husband and I were able to see two movies in one day today. Thoughts:

Harry Potter
1. I so love Harry. Really, he's grown up so. And he has a thicker neck than previously. And he's clean shaven. And he rocks the ringer-t, no?

2. God Bless Harry & Hermione's relationship. How have these two never hooked up? This movie (if not the book long ago) solidified that they've never been romantically interested. Why not? Hermione = sweet, cute smart, Harry = sweet, cute, courageous.

3. Ron. Finally. I've come to begin to reappreciate your hotness potential. You have shown that you have guns. And in this movie in particular, you are apparently a good kisser. And decent Quidditch player. I still do not think you are deserving of Hermione, but Love loves what it loves.

4. Alan Rickman. What, 20 lbs? God bless you, too, but really, it seems strange that your face doesn't age in these movies yet your body does seem to. Lose the pounds, gain years. Yes, welcome to a chick's world.

5. Minerva McGonagall--looked like the walking death. She's always been my favorite professor--even above Dumbledore--but please, please have a butterbeer and some eye cream. Me loves you. Wrinkle cream loves you, too.

6. Lavender. Ohhhh, girl who plays Lavender. Well done, my dear, well done! You are adorable and loveable and did Lavendar justice. Bravo!

The Hangover
1. My husband "assures" me that his Vegas bachelor party was "just like The Bachelor". Minus the missing tooth business, or the tiger business. Huh. Thanks.

2. Rachael Harris deserves a freaking Oscar. Please--Rachael Harris as the nagging bitch who is completely serious that her boyfriend better not stand up for himself? My description of her here does her no justice. Watch her. Love her.

3. There were two hot dudes in this movie. I would like to get to know them better. For real. Never seen them before, never heard of them before. Let's remedy that, shall we?

4. Heather Graham, will you ever not be the adorable Vegas-ite who schools the newcomer boy? Swingers--check. Boogie Nights (was that in Vegas?)--check. The Hangover--check. We love you. Mostly in Swingers. Can we stop playing the....hey wait, just realized your Swingers role was actually set in L.A. Okay, you've only played one Vegas girl. I'm an a-hole. Whatever. You deserve a lead/primo part, eventually. Best of luck, mwah.

5. Did I mention the hot guys? claims they are named Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha. Yeah, still never heard of them. Oh, but I will. I shall devote myself to renting from iTunes any movie they've been in, and watching any future movies of theirs. You thought I was obsessed with Twilight? Ha, just wait.

6. Bare "twig and berries" in an elevator next to old lady's face is never acceptable. There is no exception to this, oh photos of end credits, you.

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  1. Oh, I really want to see Harry Potter. I should go tonight! The Hangover was pretty funny! I cant' belive you've never heard of Bradly Cooper? I liked him in Alias - he seems to play a lot of jerky guy roles. But cute nontheless!