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Friday, July 31, 2009

It's (Tea) Party Time!

Yes, I ventured out back to our storage shed, in 110 degree heat, uphill both ways, to unearth a princess tea party set yesterday. It was an absolute hit. Kyle seemed to enjoy it the most, which is why I'm sad that there apparently is no such thing as a macho tea party set at the Disney Store.

Tonight, I'm going on my first "girl's night out". Yes, universe, I've never admitted this before, but I breastfed the twins until they were two. Like, until a couple weeks ago. What a secret tree-hugger I am, huh? My superpower has been lactation all this time and you never even had a clue. So what this means is that I haven't partied like a proper party animal in three years.

In anticipation of a doozy of an evening, I've planned ahead and will spend the night at a girlfriend's house. This means that I am leaving my children exclusively in the care of my husband for about 18 hours. My husband who travels for business regularly and therefore isn't home enough to have well-honed bedtime routine skills. I am certain to enjoy myself tonight, but sadly (not really) I can't say the same for my husband. Let's just say it will be a character building evening for my family left here at home. And personally, I'm just hoping for no character building on my part--it would likely involve one too many margaritas and hugging a fake potted tree at the doorway of wherever it is we go tonight. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by the house and bathe or feed a child. Or my husband. And I'll have a drink for you!


  1. Have fun! My hats off to you for nursing so long! Impressive!

    I;m sure the kiddos and hubby will be fine...they will be sleeping most of the time, right?

  2. Oh, eyes are tearing up for you!! I am so happy (secretly very jealous) for you nursing for 2 years!!! That is fabulous. Hope your night out is fantastic!!! I get mine on August 15 at the Nickelback concert with my girls!!