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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kyle's Turn!

Poor Kyle kept getting startled (to the point of breaking down and weeping at the injustice of humanity) everytime we yelled at him to "stop! stop!" while he tested the demo powerchair inside the house. So, when the sun hid behind the clouds and the breeze kicked up yesterday evening, and it no longer was 108 degrees (maybe it was 105? LOL), we lugged the chair outside and let him at it.

I love watching the pleasure on his face as he gets to know his new wheels. And it's also humorous that he evidently has something against going forward--he wants only to go backwards or in circles. A stubborn boy, that one.

If you're reading this in Facebook, there's a video below which doesn't feed through from Blogger. You'll have to click on "View Original Post" or go to Videos to find another video taken in the same session as this one.

I also have a new, great video of Lauren (mostly) obeying my commands to stop/go/turn in a circle, but it's long and Blogger can't quite manage to upload it. But it's on Facebook in my Videos, so you may be able to see it there.


  1. He looks like he just LOVES it!!! :)

  2. Yay! Go Kyle! He does remind me a lot of Nicholas...they have such similar personalities. Nicholas shakes his head no at me too, lately!

  3. Amazing! He's doing wonderfully! And like everything else, he's going to do it HIS way. ;-)

  4. Hey Cass,

    You might not remember me, but we used to be in an online multiples group together! So nice to find your blog!

  5. Alisha, I didn't invest enough time in the group to really get to know you, but I absolutely recognize your name. Hi!

  6. Hey look at that, I sound like asshole in my last comment. I didn't get to know you very well because I joined your group days before my own twins were born, and I just didn't have the time. It wasn't you, it was me! LOL :)