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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Update

I can't stop posting videos now of the tiniest little things. Things they never would have been able to do pre-May 2009, but they do now. All because of the valproic acid med. I wish I could get some good footage of Kyle doing stuff, but frankly he's just not as cooperative as Lauren, and he also likes to act clueless as soon as the camera turns on. But I will make it my mission to catch him doing something soon.

Chris got to go to the Harry Potter exhibit in Chicago when he had some downtime this week. He reports that it was totally cool and wishes he had a ton of money to blow in the gift shop. He brought Jenna back a t-shirt and her own Golden Snitch. She's thrilled.

I seem to be all better, from whatever germs attacked me last week. Hooray!

I really am getting tired of this place... I want to go on a trip. Almost anywhere. Well, anywhere that is a little cooler than Phoenix--sorry, no Tucson or Vegas. A road trip to SoCal would be so much work, but it'd be worth it. Lego Land or Disneyland sound awesome right now. But it'll never happen, darn it. Chris can't get any time off of work. And I'm not about to do it by myself. Plus the logistics around finding a hotel suite big enough yet affordable is always a PITA.

The Families of SMA annual conference is in about 10 days, and so many of the SMA families we've met on the internet are going. It's in Cincinatti. Most of the families attending are driving, since their kids are too fragile for air travel, which means many of them are posting updates to their Facebook or blogs that they're starting to get packed up and mapped out, etc. I'm jealous. I wish we were going. It's just too, too far to go for us. I would never drive that far from Phoenix with the kids (just too much time in the car), and that's way too long for us to be on a plane with almost-2 year olds. The flight to Salt Lake City was 1h 15m and it was about the maximum we could comfortably do with them. Hopefully some year, the FSMA chooses a host city a little closer to Phoenix.

Happy Friday!

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